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So what was the beginning of Amazing Mini Miracles?

Paul and Donna Carlomagno founded Amazing Mini Miracles in 2019. You can see tiny miniature horses on the Internet or in magazines, but you are never ready for the feeling you have the first time you see one in person.

Amazing Mini Miracles was founded in 2019 after Paul Carlomagno bought Donna, his wife, two miniature horses for her birthday in 2019. Donna had to retire early from her job because of a health issue. Her first year of retirement was a difficult time for her; her life had changed.

The morning Paul and Donna received the two tiny mini horses for her birthday, they looked at each other and knew they had to share their joyful feeling with their community; people who were ill, bedridden, mental illnesses, disabilities, people who felt forgotten. Veterans and elders. The list was endless. 

Wellness! Paul and Donna both had hobbies they were passionate about, so they understood the importance of having that feeling of Wellness. But the list was endless of who they could help, children and adults of many different needs.



So how does Amazing Mini Miracles do this?

Two ways:

One, you can visit them in their own corral and experience the complete intimacy and affection they offer. You can go through their obstacle course with them, which they love to do. Or you can have a sense of relaxation by taking the time to just sit and relax while watching them eat their hay or their grass.

Two, we travel throughout San Diego County with our tiny therapy miniature horses -- in our minivan -- and offer people in our community an opportunity to have hands-on horse interaction while we visit with them. We are all about offering this opportunity, to experience this amazing feeling while embracing the animal-human bond. 

What will you experience?

A sense of wonder and curiosity while looking at them.

A sense of wellness, just by touching the horses, hugging them, just talking to them, looking into their big beautiful eyes. Watching the comical antics they often do with each other.

A sense of relaxation while watching them eat their hay or the grass. 

Smiles guaranteed.

There are many health benefits connected to equine hands-on interaction.*_______

We offer programs with hands-on horse interaction activities for the elderly in our community.

We travel to retirement communities, nursing homes, memory care facilities. We are very creative with each individual person or facility who invites us to visit.

We are committed to offering joy every chance we get. One little hoof print at a time.

Invite Amazing Mini Miracles to visit you, a person you know who needs a moment of happiness and calmness. 

We are very creative for every individual visit to any event, mini hug days. We are committed to your experience being one you will never forget. 

Let’s Work Together

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