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Healthcare Professionals

When healthcare professionals and horses meet up in the corral, that’s when the magical healing begins! 

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Amazing Mini Miracles offers healthcare professionals a fun and nonjudgmental environment to help heal medical and emotional pain. The experience and lessons learned through hands-on horse interaction are powerful for all ages and disabilities, both through our mobile visits throughout the community and our corral visits.  We offer fun and light-hearted scenarios that help with life’s skills, encouraging confidence, patience, mindfulness, creative thinking, and being a good listener, to name a few.  Our miniature therapy horses are adorable, and they take their job as therapy horses seriously!

How do you get a horse to move when it doesn’t want to move?


Ahhhh, here’s where the therapeutic fun begins. This is a fun hands-on way to implement social skillsConsider this example:

How do you move a stubborn horse?

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First, be mindful, and mentally present. Think it through to understand his reason: Why does your horse not want to move? Horses sense danger, or maybe they are unsure of your communication. Once you understand there are no safety issues and that your communication was clear, then use your creative thinking skills and be creative to distract your horse's mind to change the stubborn behavior.

Whether working on emotional pain or medical issues, the fun and aha moments are never-ending. Learning clear communication skills in every scenario helps to constantly be mindful of your surroundings. There are many scenarios when working with your horse that teach us about life's skills and how to communicate in different ways.

How do you set safe boundaries – and keep them?

Clear communication, confidence, and mindfulness, when working with horses -- or human interaction in your personal life -- is very important for your safety, and it also helps you realize the power you really have to take care of yourself. Always be mindful of your surroundings and stay safe. You are the leader of yourself. Listen to yourself with confidence and respect for yourself.  Work on this exercise often in the corral and in your personal life.

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Following are just a few consistent observations of lessons learned when working in the corral:
And as you read these examples, understand that the magical ingredient is that all horses need a leader. The therapeutic value of these lessons learned in the corral are powerful  growth of the leader. The healthcare professional will be delighted to now help guide the leader as they watch the emotional growth with every visit.

  • Reading to a horse helps tremendously with so many disabilities.  The horses love it and it’s soothing for everyone.  This is really powerful, even for adults

  • Setting safe boundaries – and keeping them 

  • How to be respectful of other’s boundaries 

  • Learning to be assertive in different ways

  • Learning the importance of being mindful

  • Learning that you’re not powerless 

  • Being in control of yourself and your surroundings

  • Understanding how to identify emotions and what triggers them

  • Teamwork

  • Problem-solving and creative thinking

  • Importance of being a good listener 

  • Importance of watching for body language and social cues 

  • How to nonverbally communicate 

  • Knowing how your emotions affect others

  • Overcome fear, feeling powerless, helpless, being frightened

  • Patience

  • Empowerment, increased confidence

  • Unlocks blocked emotions, helping to process and heal

The human-horse bond is healing and helps open doors to release pain and embrace inner strength.

Another main ingredient is that horses have natural inner compassion and empathy. They accurately read every body movement, every nonverbal signal. The importance of mindfulness, staying focused, and learning the importance of healthy boundaries and proper assertiveness is an obvious example for anyone to remember and incorporate into their personal life.


Meet Sam and Polkadot

This is Sam and Polkadot. They share an incredible bond between them. Sam takes the time to spend more than just ride time with Polkadot and chooses to develop a deep cross-species relationship by just being with each other. Together there isn't much this duo can't accomplish if they put their minds to it.

While Sam has taught Polkadot many things, like trusting people, Pollkadot has taught Sam how to understand boundaries, how to communicate better than before and so much more!

This video shows how the two safely play together.

Posted with permission from @PaintedPintoParadise on Instagram

Meet Champ and Charm


The Human-Horse Bond is Powerful.

The Best Friend Ever.

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Equine Therapy, it Truly Works! 

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