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Corral Visits






Come on in and have a seat in our corral – in the minis' own environment. 


Enjoy the peacefulness that fills your heart with joy and your mind with calm. 

Please come on in, have a seat, and pretend you don't even see the minis. It won't take long before they come over and introduce themselves to you. Once you and the minis get to know each other, enjoy feeding them and grooming them. It's the perfect time to have a quiet conversation with them as you're grooming them and softly talking to them. 


Then you can walk them on their leads and give them a few commands before going through the obstacle course.  It's a perfect time to focus on the list of life skills we'll give you.


Meet Sweetie

When she first came to us, she was very tiny, could barely walk, had dreadlocks all over her, and she had so many knots on her tummy it was painful for her to walk.  She wouldn't let anyone near her. We can only imagine what she went through.  We were told she was a nine-month old foal.  When our vet examined her, he told us she was two to three years old. He could tell by her teeth.



In the photo to the right, you can see the unshaved area on Sweetie's head by her eyes and above. She does not want anyone to comb her hair or touch her head where the scars of a chain against her head for a long time are.


You can also see the little girl talking to her as they are going through the obstacle course. She is giving Sweetie emotional support, telling her what a great job she did going through the tunnel. ​

When we recently shaved all three minis, we left hearts on each one. Sweetie has an all-heart necklace around her neck and a little heart above her tail, as you can see in the photo below.

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In the photo to the left, Sweetie is once again getting encouragement about going through the Car Wash all by herself.  The little girl is telling her she's going to take the lead off and she will meet her on the other side, that she knows Sweetie can do it! These kind words and actions, and the soft tone of her voice, are so powerful. 

You can see the little girl's hair and feet still moving from running through by the purple Car Wash pool noodle, and you can see Sweetie is starting to go through on her own. The encouragement from Paul and the two little girls to join them is powerful for Sweetie. And notice the body language of Paul and the little girl by Paul in the photo to the right. Sweetie sees and feels the body language, not just verbal encouragement. Look at the little girl's hand with her fingers all stretched out with excitement that Sweetie is coming and Paul's posture from standing to bending in an encouraging way. 

Encouraging Sweetie to go through the      Car Wash at liberty is powerful for Sweetie's confidence. 


And, oh
my Goodness, check out these little cowgirls' boots!

Special Moments of a Growing Relationship

with Horse and Human Bond

Each time you visit with the minis, your relationship with each mini grows deeper. You'll learn about the personality of each individual horse and how horses communicate with each other and with humans.  You will experience the love and appreciation the minis silently tell you about in their own language. 

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As you watch this video, feel the tenderness of this relationship between human and horse.

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