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Corral Visits

Human and Horse Bond

A True and Empowering Relationship that Teaches Life Skills




Welcome to Our Corral

Come on in and have a seat in our corral, in the minis' own environment.  Enjoy the feeling of peacefulness that fills your heart with joy, your mind with calmness and focus.

Just watching them eat hay is soothing.

So come on in, have a seat, and pretend you don't even see the minis. It won't take long before they come over and introduce themselves to you. Once you get to know each other, enjoy feeding them and grooming them. It's the perfect time to have a quiet conversation with them. 


Then you can walk them on their leads and give them a few commands before going through the obstacle course.  It's a fun place to talk about and improve one's life skills.

Look at the nurturing encouragement these little girls are offering to their horse throughout the obstacle course.


Sweetie is our rescue. You can see the unshaved area on her head. She does not want anyone to comb her hair or touch her head where the scars of a chain are. When she first came to us, she was very tiny, could barely walk, had dreadlocks all over her, and she had so many knots on her tummy it was painful for her to walk.  She wouldn't let anyone near her. We can only imagine what she went through.  We were told she was a nine-month old foal.  When our vet examined her, he told us she was two to three years old. He could tell by her teeth.

Encouraging Sweetie to go through the Car Wash at liberty is powerful for Sweetie's confidence.

                                    And, oh my Goodness, check out these little cowgirls' boots!

Each time you visit with the minis, your relationship with each mini grows deeper. You'll learn about the personality of each individual horse and how horses communicate with each other and with humans.  You will experience the love and appreciation the minis silently tell you about in their own language.

Charm is watching over her little buddy while he plays in her training tire.

Charm is thanking her handler for taking her around the obstacle course and spending quality time with her!

Sweetie greeting her friend who came to visit her.

As you watch this video, feel the tenderness of this relationship between human and horse.

Charm had a wonderful afternoon with children hanging all over her and putting their handprints on her.

Sweetie is accepting a loving touch!

Charm just knows when someone is hurting inside. She said she was very happy.
















Life Skills?

So why would you need life skills to have a relationship with a horse?

It doesn't matter the size of the horse or whether you are riding a horse, this is where our life skills can be learned and implemented.

How do you convince a horse to do something it doesn't want to do? 

Along with safe, learned methods of working with horses, remember to stand strong:  shoulders back, head tall, soft assertive voice to communicate clearly, but not aggressively.   Show confidence.

Our Autism Events are Lighthearted and Fun 

Calm Down and Get Centered

Being around horses changes human brainwaves.

Horses can play a powerful role in improving our physical and mental health 

autism event.JPG

Build confidence by taking a mini horse through our obstacle course.  We make our events fun, colorful, and just a really good time.

Every Horse Needs a Job


All equine assisted activities are very important for the horses. They thrive on the stimulation of all activities and human interaction.  

Plan a day in the corral with family or friends. Then have a yummy BBQ on the deck with a beautiful view.

One thing to always remember about horses:  They are always positive, and they don't judge like humans; however, they mirror back the human mood, what you are feeling.  They are the best readers of body language, and you can't fool them. They don't lie and they have no hidden agendas.

Shoes and Rules


Protective toe-covered shoes must be worn before entering the corral. Horses can step on your feet.



These four main rules must be memorized and repeated to us before you enter our corral along with your signed agreement form, which will be a copy of "Shoes and Rules."


Never stand behind a horse. They can kick you to have their space.


RULE  2.

Always watch where your feet are when you are around a horse. They can easily step on your foot without knowing it, because they cannot see under them.  And it really hurts.      


RULE 3.  

Never put your fingers by a horse’s mouth.  Horses like to eat everything.


Never yell or scream near the horses ears or run quickly at them.


Horses have three main blind spots, and this is because their eyes are on the sides of their face, not like ours on the front of our face.

  • Horses cannot see under them and above them without sudden movements of their head. That is why they step on your feet.

  • They cannot see directly in front of them or behind them. That is why we always approach a horse in a diagonal line and speak softly to them, so they know where we are. That is also whey we never stand behind a horse. They can kick quickly and unexpectedly because they can become frightened if they suddenly realize someone is there.

  •  Always be cautious and considerate of the horse becoming startled. Never make loud or sudden movements when you are close to them. Do not yell near them. Do not yell in their ears. That is when they can make sudden movements because they become scared. 


  • Always speak softly to them and touch them softly so they know where you are when you are approaching.

  • Never speak loudly or run towards her or any horse.  Horses have very good hearing, and yelling into their ears or near them will startle them.

We occasionally take photos or videos during visits to use in our marketing. By entering our corral, you consent to the use of your photograph, image and/or voice for promotional purposes without consideration or compensation. Thank you for your cooperation.

Charm in pool.jpeg




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