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Our Story

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Changing Lives in Our Community in Positive Ways. Helping People Feel Alive in Unique Ways. Offering Safe Touch and Love to the Animals We Rescue.

We Are Committed to Our Community and to Our Horses!

Spending our days with our horses has helped us recognize other benefits we can offer our community.  Our hearts have been touched by the natural compassion, tenderness, yet inner strength that horses have and how they communicate and support each other. We are excited to share these powerful examples of what horses teach us while you enjoy your dose of cuteness overload!.   

My name is Donna Carlomagno. I am the founder of Amazing Mini Miracles. I started Amazing Mini Miracles in 2019 after I received the most amazing birthday gift ever imagined.


I had been a stenographer for many years, the last 18 years of which were spent in San Diego Superior Court; two more years until retirement. Then one day, my fingers, arms, and body just couldn't do it anymore. I had to retire early. I was devastated. I was conditioned to work many 18-hour days in an intense environment. I was lost. 


My life changed in 2019 when my husband bought me 2 six-month-old miniature horses for my birthday. The moment they arrived in town and we laid eyes on them, my husband and I knew we wanted to share this feeling with everyone. One can see these little mini horses in a magazine or on the Internet, but to see them visually in person was a powerful feeling of immense joy and happiness.  Amazement.  We were frozen in awe.  It was MAGICAL!


This feeling led us to start our charitable nonprofit, Amazing Mini Miracles, as a way to bring happiness, joy, and social support to individuals throughout our community.

We believe everyone’s day-to-day acts of compassion can help create a world where people feel valued and not forgotten. We wanted to help promote happiness and joy in people's lives. We believed our nonprofit would be a perfect way to participate in our community’s good health and wellness.

We have traveled down roads we never imagined we would go down. It has been an amazing experience to bring joy and happiness throughout our community.


Our Mission

Bringing happiness, joy, and social support throughout our community with our creative mobile visits, and rescuing horses when we can.

We know our team of mini therapy horses is the perfect team to help us with our mission.  They are always positive, full of love, and are naturally empathetic and compassionate, which is why they have so much kindness, inner strength, and wisdom within them. They offer emotional support to humans, other animals, and to each other. They are healing in so many different ways. These little lovebugs are magical horses.



Embracing Trust, the Power of Touch, Accepting,
Giving, Love, Inner Strength, Joy, Happiness, Laughter,  and so much more.

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Charm always enjoys greeting people. The calm that the horses exude offers peace and calm to humans. See how calm Charm stands while the man leans in. It's a quiet bond between man and mini horse.

Mini therapy horse, Jagger, walks next to a veteran in memory care that we often visit. Feel the connection between these two. The tenderness of stroking Jagger’s mane while being pushed in the wheelchair in complete silence except for the magical sound of tiny hooves walking along so close to the wheelchair. 

How does our team of mini horses accomplish their traveling around the community?

​That's where the humans come into play: with our unique mobile service of driving our mini therapy horses around throughout the community, in our minivan, bringing joy and happiness with lighthearted and fun visits.

We are about so much more than taking our mini horses out into the community to offer joy and happiness...

Customize Your Visit

We are very creative with visits for each individual's or event's needs so that the benefit of the visit is realized. Each visit is specifically created, whether it is for private client visits, community visits, whether they are visits with the minis in our corral where you will be in their own environment, or surprise visits around town, we have so much fun!

Feeling Alive!

This photo is an example of an Annapolis graduate, Commander of Mine Sweepers in the Vietnam war, with many Honors, now living in a memory care facility. After his service to our country, he was a teacher at Poway High School, teaching oceanography, science, math, and sports coaching, taking many  teams to championships. He was even a private golf coach after he retired as a teacher. We created a unique visit for him to feel independent, strong, and in charge.  FULL OF LIFE! We put him on a mobile cart with a horse trotting next to him. Our hearts were so rewarded when we heard him giggling as he drove the mobile cart away. To help you understand the connection, our horse Sweetie is a rescue with a hard start in life. She too is now feeling strong and full of life! 

This is What We Strive For!

We want people to feel the safety of gentle love, tenderness, and strength that horses have within their souls and to then internalize that silent strength. To feel it. To embrace it. To WANT IT! To have the feeling of being alive!  It's powerful. 

This commander's family told us we were a
game changer in his life.  And we know we were a
game changer in Sweetie's life.

Social Isolation During Pandemic Restrictions

We Found a Way to Connect

When our community went on lockdown during the pandemic, we still traveled around our community, walking the grounds and waving at those in isolation through windows.  Their hearts felt the love as we trotted by with the minis. Residents could see the mini's the love they exude with their little hooves quickly moved ever so gracefully.  What a sight to make your heart dance!

Saying hello through windows

Social distance waving

The joy on her face!

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