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Community Outreach
Leaving Happy Hearts and Smiles, One Little Hoof Print at a Time.

We offer many different types of community visits...we even make surprise visits throughout our community!

We have had the privilege to visit many care communities around San Diego County and beyond – communities for veterans, elders, young adults, children.  We have seen children and adults who have a different definition of life other than ours. But the bottom line is no matter who you are, what you have, how old you are, we all have a heart that can feel happy inside. We are all alike. We believe no matter what anyone's life is like, it is all about "Quality of Life," and by bringing joy and happiness, whether they are community visits or visits in our corral, we strive to have everyone we meet smile, feel joy and happiness, and then to feel the gentle love, tenderness, and strength that horses have and to then internalize that feeling.  It’s powerful.



Supporting the Community

We foster support for individuals and associations in the community through events such:

Walk with us! Be on the Amazing Mini Miracles' Team!

When we help raise funds for other nonprofits, we love to hand the mini's lead over to someone we think would appreciate it.   They are always delighted!

Contact us to be on our Amazing Mini Miracles Team for fundraising events and walk with us and the minis!

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