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Nub-Nub - Cody


There was something very magical about Nub-Nub. He was transported to us with Shady Lady. Nub-Nub quickly grew very tall. He was very sweet and comical. He soon realized pulling the Velcro on the hay bag was a game he could master. Velcro on anything, actually. Sadly, we soon realized we could not offer him what he needed, a larger corral to run in, and because he grew so tall, the minivan was not a way to transport him around with other minis in the car.

We were looking for a good home for him. Our friend Andrea offered to take him, as she wanted to have a mini to drive a cart. Andrea was a breeder and had minis, so we knew Nub Nub would have friends, a lot of room to run, and have a chance to learn how to pull a cart.

It is very difficult to not keep every horse we raise. They all have special needs. We believe if we cannot offer them what they need, whether it is they need more running space, they need to perform in shows or jump high every chance they get, it is for their benefit that we find a home for them where they will be thrive to their fullest extent.


Nub-Nub - Cody
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