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Our Little Rescue

Sweetie came to us in May of 2021. We were told she was a nine-month-old foal. She wouldn't let anyone near her. She was so tiny, so timid. Frail, weak, scared. She could barely walk. She had a scar on her head where you could see the imprint from a chain. She had so many knots of hair under her belly she could hardly walk. She obviously hadn't been groomed. She stood still with fear in her eyes, yet dejected.

When our vet examined her, he told us Sweetie was 2 to 3 years old. He could tell by her teeth.

Today, Sweetie is a healthy, beautiful, energetic mare.

Watch for our children's book coming soon to help abused and bullied children internalize the inner strength Sweetie had to get her through her difficult times.


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