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Carlen Haag

Board of Direct and Development Director

Carlen Haag is a true San Diego native. Her love for San Diego and the community which she lives has led her to a life dedicated to making every day a little better than before. Growing up, Carlen regularly volunteered with local philanthropic organizations and enjoyed spending her time helping others. She has finally decided to combine her passion and her skills to do something that really will make a difference.

For the past decade, Carlen has worked with local nonprofits sharing her expertise in leadership and program development grant writing, and fundraising. It was here, Carlen realized how a positive influence and a dream can push a person to accomplish things they never thought possible.

She has witnessed firsthand how volunteering can change a person's outlook on life. It is her goal to be able to provide that opportunity for all of San Diego community.

In her spare time, Carlen is off to the races, literally, with cars and horses. She can be found cheering on her favorite driver and rider, her children. Her son, Shane is proud to be a part of the Southwest Lightning Sprint inaugural season, while her daughter, Grace, can be found riding horses on Fiesta Island or competing in shows in Valley Center, Ca. Outside of racing season, you will most likely find Carlen and her daughter Sydney strolling down Main Street, USA, Disneyland.


Carlen Haag
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