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Donna Carlomagno

CEO, Founder and Board of Director

Donna founded Amazing Mini Miracles as a nonprofit 501(c)(3), along with her husband, Paul, in 2019.

Donna Carlomagno was born and raised in Southern California. In 1989 she passed the California State Board test to become a Certified Shorthand Reporter. She worked as a stenographer in federal court and depositions until 1998, when she then accepted a position as an Official Certified Court Reporter with the San Diego Superior Court, and remained there until retiring in 2018.

After working so many years in such a demanding profession, retirement was unfulfilling. It was when her husband, Paul, gave her two adorable miniature horses for her birthday in 2019 that she found her new passion. Paul said she always had a heart for reaching out for others. He said for years she always talked about having a horse ranch for children and elders and that she believed just the smell of horses was healing. Donna said she feels that bringing people and horses together is therapeutic, and she feels blessed to have this opportunity to make that happen.

Her husband said they don't have a ranch, but he bought her a minivan so she can "take the ranch to them."



Donna Carlomagno
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