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Paul Carlomagno

Chief Operating Officer and Board of Director, Founder

Well loved!

Paul is the back-up for everyone and anyone who needs it. No matter where we are visiting in the community, no matter how big or how small the event is, or where, Paul makes it work. He has made the obstacle course for our corral visits--and even takes it to events. He sets up our booth with ease and is always happy to meet everyone.

Paul is a musician and has a deep love for playing the drums. He is very athletic, has a love of mountain bicycling and fishing. He also built our large barn tack room that the horses can go into in bad weather, all by himself, including standing the walls all by himself.

As a musician, Paul traveled around the United States with a dance band when he was young, returned home with no money, but he had a blast. He said he learned more about different cultures in different states from a dance hall than when he lived in different states with his Air Force family. Always a musician at heart, Paul will always be playing in a band. He played in a band that opened for James Cotton at the Del Mar Fair. He currently plays with Stoney B Blues. Stoney opened for BB King, and Stoney's father was 'Lil Howlin' Wolf, where Stoney learned from the great blues' musicians.

Paul's athleticism landed him on the podium as third Expert in his age class at the Idyllwild Challenge for mountain bicycling and second place in The Racers and Chasers Winter Series.

Paul's love of fishing is obvious. He always kisses them before he throws them back home.

Paul has done many different jobs throughout his life, just out of curiosity of what it was like, from being a ski lift operator, to a lumberjack to construction worker as an electrician and foreman.

He found his love of high tech when he joined the team of Multi-Media Research and Development at Paul recently retired from Qualcomm after 21 years. He was one of the first "Can you hear me now?" guys.

Paul's happy place is being at home. He loves working in his garden at home. He loves to cook, and his meals always include the rewards from the garden. He also loves the minis and they totally love him.


Paul Carlomagno
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